High Precision Punching Machine

- Mar 22, 2018-

Why big window and door manufactures would like to use punching machines to instead of the other machines for working. Because the punching machine can punch install holes , screw holes, lock holes quickly and smoothly, precise punching machines can do much better work than milling machine, even if CNC milling machines, also can help manufactures save much time.

Our punching machine has more advantages:

1) the punching machine can load 4sets of different moulds, they can be operated by two workers, the speed will never slow down, but punching machine from other suppliers will slow down if two sets of moulds working at the same time

2)one foot pedal control one set of mould, to make sure the punching power is enough. in the past, one customer has give us feedback for the old style punching machine , if they want two operations from one set of mould working simultaneously , then the punching machine cannot cut off the profiles clearly, because of less power when punching. now such problem solved

3) we design and custom made oil tank and motor, it can serve longer time without leaking, a lot of customers told they met so many leaking machine when punching. We change rubber pipes into steel pipes, then can reduce the rate of linking.

4) we use much thicker square pipes to make the worktable, also put solid steel into the pipes, to strongthen the work table, during the punching machine work, the machine can keep stable, no shaking and bending.

5)our worktable size is bigger than other suppliers, can set bigger moulds to work, and each cylinder can supply 5T punching power, total 20T , we promise the enough punching power and faster speed.

If you choose us, we promise that we will show you big surprise.