High Quality But Reasonable Price For Ending Milling Machine

- Mar 01, 2019-

Equipment Feature

1. The first two knife shaft structure form of interaction,without ordering blade,milling tenon machining,simple.
2. This excellent pneumatic spray cooling system,make the milling effect is better,cutting tool is more durable.
3. Precision processing technology knife shaft and bearing seat,make knife shaft rotation more balance,noise and vibration is far lower than the other counterfeiters.

 Technical Parameter

Power supply380V 50Hz
Main motor powerSiemens motor 2.2kw
Main motor rotation speed:2800r/min
Pneumatic control componentsAirTAC
Electric partsSchneider
 Working air pressure0.6~0.8mpa
Motor rotary speed3300r/min
Milling height70mm
Clamping profiles6~10
Loading area450 x 380mm
Overall dimension1250x720x1650mm