How Can We Improve The Overall Performance Of Plastic Windows ?

- Jun 12, 2018-

How can we improve the overall performance of plastic windows and produce high-performance plastic windows? I would like to elaborate on the following aspects:

First, the intrinsic quality of the profile and its reasonable structural design are the prerequisites for the manufacture of high-performance plastic windows. First, good formulas and high-quality raw materials and advanced production techniques must be available to ensure the quality of profiles. In addition, from the structural point of view of the profile, there are single-chamber and multi-chamber PVC plastic profiles. The inner cavity can be designed with ribs, ribs, bosses, etc. The cavity can be divided into double, triple or multi-cavity. Can better play the role of thermal insulation, on the other hand can make each cavity have different uses, some to fix the rigidity of the steel liner, some to set into a drainage cavity, and some internal ribs can prevent Profile deformation, there are ribs can improve the rigidity of the profile, increase the moment of inertia of the profile, and improve the impact resistance of the profile.

At present, most of the domestic profile sections are modeled after the profile section structure of Europe. However, due to market acceptance, the wall thickness is reduced, which inevitably affects the quality of the window. The economical purely American window is difficult to adapt to the domestic market demand due to the actual conditions of processing, installation, and use. Therefore, it is required to combine the characteristics of European and American profiles for digestion and absorption, and the development of profiles suitable for China's national conditions is a top priority. In this aspect, our company made a bold attempt to retain the advantages of the American profile while absorbing some of the advantages of the European profile, using its complex structure and more ribs to make up for the wall thickness to increase its moment of inertia. In addition, from the perspective of design, profiles should also fully consider watertightness, airtightness, and wind pressure resistance.

Second, the overall quality of plastic doors and windows is affected by the quality and installation accuracy of hardware accessories. Due to the different shapes and sizes of PVC plastic door and window profile systems in domestic enterprises, hardware accessories cannot be unified, so each type of accessories production The volume of the batch can not be very large, it is difficult to form a scale effect. In addition, the overall level of consumption of domestic doors and windows is still very low, limiting the price of PVC plastic doors and windows, so that PVC plastic doors and windows hardware accessories prices are too low, causing manufacturers to meet the market can not be Do not reduce the cost and make cheaper inferior hardware accessories. Fortunately, the new standards for plastic window hardware are now being worked out. We hope to standardize the hardware market. Excellent hardware accessories can improve the overall performance of the window. For example, the use of multi-point locking in casement windows is much higher than the sealing and wind pressure resistance of single-point locking, and the use of corner hinges or adjustable hinges. It is much stronger than ordinary type or saddle type hinges, it can effectively prevent fan sagging. In addition, the use of silicified and mid-waterstrip tops is much more tightly sealed than regular tops.

Reasonable design of European style sliding window windshield can also improve the sealing performance of the window. In the way of glass inlay, American glass sliding window is much stronger than European style rubber sealing. The advantages are:

1. The glass glue connects the glass with the sash to form a whole, which is connected with the wind pressure resistance of the high sash;

2. The glass sealant is evenly sealed, and its sealing property is much stronger than that of the rubber strip seal. Because the rubber strip is affected by the temperature and the expansion rate is relatively large and its aging resistance is poor, there is no problem that the fan is deformed due to improper installation of the glass spacer. ;

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