How Much Will Cost You For One Set Of Broken Bridge Aluminium Machineres

- Apr 03, 2018-

General production of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows necessary several machines have CNC saws, group angle machine, face milling, punching, CNC corner code machine.

Broken Bridge Aluminum Door and Window Processing Equipment

1. This machine is used for high-efficiency assembly of aluminum doors and windows. It can complete corner-angle stamping connections in four corners at a time.

2. Pressing device moves back and forth automatically, easy to operate, and the size of the window is automatically adjusted.

3. The rack is made of professional welding of Anshan Iron and Steel Materials, and it is processed by actual effect.

4, using Germany LENZE high-quality numerical control system, taking into account the speed and accuracy.

5. Through the torque monitoring function of the servo system, four corners are automatically pre-tightened to ensure the accuracy of the group angle.

6. It is convenient to adjust front and rear, left and right of the knife, and adapt to the needs of different profiles.

7, using Taiwan's "Hayland blue" hydraulic system, stable and reliable performance.

8. The one-time group box can control the joints and flatness between profiles so that the quality of the group box is predictable.

9. Seamless connection between control system and servo system greatly improves control accuracy.