How To Judge One Set Of Cutting Saw Machine Good Or Not

- Apr 02, 2018-

Aluminum cutting saw is the main equipment and necessary equipment for processing aluminum doors and windows. The processing of aluminum doors and windows begins with the cutting of profiles. During the processing of aluminum doors and windows, profile cutting is one of the most important processing operations. The cutting accuracy of profiles will directly affect the angular accuracy and the angular strength of the aluminum doors and windows, which will affect the dimensional accuracy and angle accuracy of finished aluminum doors and windows. So how to choose aluminum cutting saw?

First, look at the appearance, see if the rack is real, whether the details of the appearance of aluminum cutting saw processing properly.

Second, look inside, in-depth understanding of its inherent performance, features, and make choices based on their own needs.

Third, look at processing, good equipment, seven points by assembly, build a long time companies often have a group of experienced and skilled assembly technicians, with years of precipitation accumulation, can be used to cut the performance of aluminum cutting saw The ultimate.

Fourth, looking at the strength of the company, some people may feel that with the above three points, this does not matter, this is actually one-sided. The powerful company has perfect pre-sales, sales, after-sales system and brand awareness. Choosing a big brand can minimize the phenomenon of pre-sales, post-sales, and heavy brands, blindly pursuing sales.

    If you do not have the time or conditions to carefully compare and screen according to the Raiders, then listen to everyone, take a look at this is the most popular by the door and window processing enterprises aluminum cutting saws - aluminum doors and windows digital double precision saws:

    The digital display precision saw body uses white as the main tone, complemented by a red saw cover, simple and generous. The left saw head is fixed and fixed on the bed by screws. The right saw head can be moved by hand on the round rail and can be locked in the desired position. The length of the work cut is indicated by a digital display mounted on the bed.

A console is installed in front of the bed, and electrical control elements are mounted on the console. After the workpiece is placed on the workbench, as long as the operator presses the button according to the operating procedures, the machine can complete the work positioning, compression, cutting, tool return, loosen and other processes, suitable for large-scale production of large-scale production needs.

    The use of special precision carbide saw blades, and an automatic spray cooling system to ensure the cutting effect of the profile, the blade feed by the hydraulic damping cylinder to ensure that the blade feed speed uniform movement. With a digital scale, it can compensate for the length of the cut according to the height of the profile. When cutting profiles of different heights, it is not necessary to calculate the cut length, which is accurate and time-saving.

At the same time, the design fully takes into account the safety of the staff. Saw head movement, all covered in openable, strong safety cover. The pneumatic control system has two-hand control buttons to ensure safe operation.

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