How To Maintain The Crimping Machine For Aluminium Profile

- Apr 03, 2018-

A lot of people bought broken-bridge aluminum doors and windows equipment and often overlooked the maintenance and maintenance of equipment. It was not advisable to think of repair and maintenance when there was something wrong with broken aluminum doors and windows equipment. The corner machine is one of the necessary steps in the processing of broken aluminum doors and windows, and today we introduce the maintenance and maintenance tips of the machine. We will initially maintain our broken aluminum doors and windows equipment from daily maintenance:

1. Adjustment of gas source triplet (water diverter, pressure gauge, oil mister)

Broken Bridge Aluminum Alloy Door and Window Equipment

Divide the water filter, put the water in each shift, clean it once a week, and adjust the pressure gauge to 0.4~0.6Mpa. The lubricator injects L-MH32 hydraulic oil and insists on a certain oil level. The oil volume is adjusted to about one drop per minute.

2.1 The operating medium for the oil pump is hydraulic oil. L-MH32 hydraulic oil is used in winter and L-MH46 hydraulic oil is used in summer.

2.2 The liquid level of the fuel tank adheres to the centerline of the oil mark to prevent the oil pump from emptying. When refueling, use a 120 mesh filter to remove impurities from the new oil. When it is frequently used, the fuel tank is usually cleaned every two months, and the oil filter is cleaned once every six months to replace the new oil.

2.3 The normal working oil temperature is 20°C-50°C. If the oil temperature is too high, the cooling method may be required to stop the pump. After the oil is sufficiently cooled, the normal operation can be performed. When the oil temperature is too low, direct operation is not allowed. The heating method is required. The temperature of the oil can be increased by applying external heating or low pressure operation.

2.5 Long-term use of high-pressure hose, due to the aging of the hose, all over the hazard will constitute a decline in the pressure strength of the hose, should pay attention to punctuality inspection, inspection pressure test pump can be used when the pressure is higher than 1.25 times the rated pressure, Leakage occurs, it is necessary to replace the projection or blasting. When the high-pressure hose is used, it should avoid discounts or sharp bends. The operator should not be too close to the pipe to prevent the blasting from hurting people.

The above is the maintenance and maintenance of the angle machine, daily maintenance, although it is inconspicuous, but it is often possible to avoid major problems, but also make our production operations more effective.