How To Maintian End Milling Machine In Processing Window And Door

- Apr 02, 2018-

To produce qualified broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, need close cooperation in all aspects, today we talk to you about the maintenance and maintenance knowledge of the face milling machine in the broken aluminum door and window equipment: to make the face milling work normally and reliably, to reduce the damage of the machine To extend the service life, the maintenance of the face milling machine must be carried out.

1 routine maintenance: once per shift.

2 Check the tightening bolts and nuts of the various parts of the face milling machine. If they are loose, tighten them.

pay attention! Before each shift, it is necessary to check whether the six fastening bolts of the arbor are firm. If there is looseness, they must be fastened with a special wrench in time.

3 Check the connection of each mechanism of the end milling machine. If any abnormality occurs, it should be handled. Lubrication of horizontal rails and vertical rails uses 40# mechanical oil in summer and 30# mechanical oil in winter, once per shift.

4 Check the pneumatic system: After connecting the gas source, first check the system's pipelines, parts and fittings for leaks, if any, remove them; secondly, check that the level of the sewage in the filter cup must not exceed the lower edge of the flap. The mist filter must not be lower than the lower end of the suction pipe. Finally check and adjust the ventilation pressure and adjust the pressure required for the job.

5 Check the electrical system: After turning on the power, start the motor and check if the motor's running direction is correct.

6 Keep the face milling machine clean and timely remove debris and dirt.

7 Technical maintenance: Air source processor should be regularly drained and cleaned.

If workers want to do something good, they must first sharpen their tools and do a good job in the maintenance of the face milling machine to play its due role.