How To Solve The Problem For P-luck Window Machinery Development

- Apr 08, 2018-

Pluck machine

Today, the customization of doors and windows equipment is quite popular. To make aluminum door and window equipments to meet the needs of customers and break through the technical bottlenecks, we must first lay a solid foundation in technology and increase investment in research and innovation. Through Internet and big data integration technology resources, it is impossible to completely rely on traditional technology development and design ideas in the past to explore the new challenges brought by personalized demand to technology research and development, and to fully lay out human and material resources.

Second, we must adjust the existing production mode, from the past unified, large-scale production mode to a personalized and customized way of transition, transformation of existing production equipment and staffing. From the sales order to the design customization, to the procurement, production and logistics, the production process of the door and window equipment is rebuilt. Based on the conventional production of aluminum doors and windows equipment in the past, in response to the customers in the production process of doors and windows, the functions and parameters of the doors and windows equipment were adjusted to the problems of process, material, design, etc. to adapt to the customized design of the door and window equipment at different stages of the customer. .

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