Installation Requirements For Blades

- Apr 09, 2018-

Installation requirements

1. The equipment is in good condition, the main shaft has no deformation, no jump, no fixed vibration, no vibration, etc.

2. Check whether the saw blade is damaged, whether the tooth profile is complete, whether the saw blade is smooth and smooth, and whether there are other abnormal phenomena to ensure the safety of use.

3. When assembling, make sure the direction of the arrow of the saw blade is the same as the direction of rotation of the spindle of the equipment.

4. When the saw blade is installed, keep the shaft center, the chuck and the flange plate clean, the inner diameter of the flange plate is the same as the inner diameter of the saw blade, ensure the flange plate and the saw blade are tightly combined, install the positioning pin, and tighten the nut. The size of the flange should be appropriate and the outside diameter should not be less than 1/3 of the diameter of the saw blade.

5. Before the equipment is started, to ensure safety, there is a single person to operate the equipment, jog idle, check whether the equipment steering is correct, whether there is vibration, the blade is idle for a few minutes after being installed, normal work after skidding, swinging or jumping .

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