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- Apr 13, 2018-

Husband changed his job and the house was on the sixth floor of the company’s dormitory. There was no elevator. On the day we moved, we took our luggage and climbed the stairs. The corridor is very clean. There is a trash can on each corner. There is no stain on it. It seems that the cleaners here are very dedicated.

Looking at the trash can, my good impression was immediately discounted, and most of them were empty beverage bottles. Tossing this recyclable resource into a trash can is wasteful and environmentally unfriendly, and it can be sent to the waste collection office for a few bottles of beverage money. Waiting to open the door and being stunned by the situation in the house, I saw empty bottles of beverage scattered all over the room. It seems that the former owner of this room likes to drink but is too lazy to clean it.

These beverage bottles have been packed with two large plastic bags. The next morning her husband went to work. I took the plastic bag downstairs and intended to go to the scrap collection station. The corridor was as clean as yesterday, the rails had just been brushed, and the trash cans were empty. On the third floor, the two girls threw two empty beverage bottles into the trash can. They saw me go downstairs with a bag full of empty beverage bottles, and there was a hint of surprise in my eyes.

Two bags of plastic bottles were exchanged for more than a dozen dollars. After the husband got off work, I told him about this matter and angrily criticized the people who had lost their drink bottles too lazy. Her husband said: "Do you know why they put the bottles into the trash?" The husband said that the bottles are an invisible income for the cleaners. Putting them in the trash can to make them cleaner, they only have more. Cherish this job and work hard to make it the best. The cleaners in the building had changed a lot. The sanitary conditions have not been good. In the end, everyone thought of this idea and the health status was completely improved.

The husband said meaningfully: “Leave some loopholes and make others profitable, so that we can cooperate and win together!”

I slowly come back to taste. Indeed, people do not have to be too clever in dealing with people.

At the mall, leaving loopholes for partners, everyone is profitable and the partnership will be more solid; in the workplace, leaving loopholes for subordinates or colleagues, so that they also have the opportunity to shine, the team will become more and more powerful; In the middle, leave loopholes for neighbors and friends, so that they have the advantage to get closer and closer to you, and give a helping hand when you need help.

This is a kind of communicative wisdom. It is also a philosophy of life.

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