Little Issues About Punching Tooling Have Been Solved Well

- Apr 13, 2018-

last Autumn, Australia customer ordered one set of hydraulic punching machine and 4 sets of punching tooling, they worked well for our customer, but resently, our customer told us there is a little issue for the position, when we heard that, asked them to take photo and videos to us, we asked our engineer to check them, our engineer told that it was true, there was a little issue without considering, then made a solution for our customer, to guide them how to solve this issue, after half an hour, the issue disappeared, the customer show their thembs to us, feel so glad about the solution, cheap cost for maintain, and fast solution.

so grateful to all of our customers supports, we will make great efforts to produce much better machines and tooling, hope more and more customers like our products, and cooperate with us.

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