Main Parts Of Punching Moulds

- Feb 28, 2018-

1. Working parts

The concave-convex mold is the working part that directly makes the blank forming, therefore, it is the key part of the mould. Concave-convex mold is not only sophisticated but also complex, it should meet the following requirements:

(1) should be sufficient strength, can not break or damage in the process of stamping;

(2) The material and heat treatment should be properly required to prevent the hardness is too high and brittle crack.

2. Locating parts

The locating part is the part that determines the installation position of the billet, the locating pin (board), the retaining PIN (plate), the Guide pin, the guide material plate, the fixed distance side knife and the side pressure device. The design of positioning parts should be considered easy to operate, should not have been positioned, the location should be easy to observe, the best use of forward positioning, external profile positioning and positioning of guide pins.

3. Pressing, unloading and discharging parts

The pressing parts have the pressing edge ring, the pressing material plate and so on. The blank can be pressurized to the drawing billet to prevent the billet from arching under the action of tangential pressure. The function of the pressure plate is to prevent the billet from moving and bouncing. The ejector and discharging board are useful for making parts and cleaning the waste. They are supported by the air cushion putter on spring, rubber and equipment, can move up and down, the ejector piece design should have enough top output, the movement must have the finite position. The discharging board shall minimize the closed area or milling the empty slot at the operating position. The exposed surface of the discharging plate shall be provided with a protective plate to prevent the finger from reaching the person or the foreign body, and the exposed surfaces should be blunt.