Notes For Aluminium Window Designs

- Apr 04, 2018-

The general residence is designed with windows. The windows are designed with flat windows, floor-to-ceiling windows and bay windows. Flat windows are the most common. The floor-to-ceiling window is a window with a high height on the floor of the window. Bay window is a window that protrudes outside the wall, regardless of what kind of window design, there are more or less different hidden dangers need attention.

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For example, the flat window has a variety of styles, the more common is the left and right push-pull type and flat out. Because the flat windows can be opened, there are certain safety risks for children.

It is now very popular to install floor-to-ceiling windows. Most of the floor-to-ceiling windows are completely enclosed and cannot be opened, so they are safer than flat windows and bay windows. However, this does not mean absolute safety, because floor-to-ceiling windows, if they do not use safety glass and do not contain guard rails, can easily lead to safety incidents.

Compared with flat windows and floor-to-ceiling windows, the security risks of the bay window can be said to be the greatest. First of all, the bay windows can generally be opened. This design brings many hidden dangers. Second, because of the shape of the bay window, the wide window sill will attract children to climb and play, and fall accidents are likely to occur.

There is a security risk caused by the unqualified windows. At present, there are many window products on the market, and many products are produced by small workshops. The main parts and accessories of these windows are likely to be of poor quality, and they will easily cause problems such as deformation, oxidation, and corrosion. Security accident.

Window installation precautions

First, try not to choose a room with a bay window as a children's room. Second, we must ensure that the quality of all aspects of the windows is excellent, and in addition, we must do a good job of security measures for windows. This is the most critical point.

You can choose to install anti-theft nets on the windows. Many occupants think that the floors are high. The thief cannot pluck them out of the windows. It also installs security nets to affect the light, like living in a cage, and therefore neglects to take child safety precautions. In fact, one of the effective ways to prevent children from falling from the windowsill is to install a security net on the windows.

You can also choose to install guard rails on the inside of the windows. Bay windows and floor-to-ceiling windows are generally equipped with protective rails on the inside. However, many occupants often remove the protective fences for protection when they are at home. A very insecure approach. If the guardrail is inconsistent with the home style, it can be removed, but it must be re-installed with the home style matching fence.