Notice For Cutting The Glass

- Apr 20, 2018-

  1. For mirror glass, cut from the reflective surface instead of the paint surface. If you use a glass cutter in the paint, you can't draw it. The other methods of cutting mirror glass are exactly the same as ordinary glass.

  2. This method is most suitable for ordinary glass, also known as double thick glass. This method cannot be used to cut tempered glass, because if you try to split it, it will break.

  3. Before formal cutting, find pieces of discarded glass to practice craftsmanship until you master this method.

  4. Wear protective glasses. If there is broken glass, it may splash on your face.

  5. Wear safety gloves. The corners of the glass are very sharp. All wearing a pair of thick or leather gloves, the best size, does not affect the dexterity of the hand.

  6. If you make a big glass still not moving, stop it. If the line is not qualified, the glass can crack in any position, including in your hands.

  7. Even if you don't have the right scratch line on the glass, don't go back and re-scribe it. This will not only damage the cutting wheel, but will not help.

  8. Never eat or drink in the work area where the glass is cut.

  9. Unqualified lines will have nicks or bumps, and they will not be easy to correct. It may mean that you have destroyed the glass.

  • Make sure to thoroughly remove every possible splattered glass shard in the work area. Even if you can't see them, they may attach to your shoes or hands and hurt you.

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