P-luck Machinery Have A Training Meeting For Service After Sales

- Mar 31, 2018-

n order to comprehensively improve the overall quality of after-sales service personnel, service efficiency and service level, and provide better services for customers, on March 7, the service department of Haoxiang Machinery held after-sales service technical training meeting to focus on curtain wall equipment, broken aluminum doors and windows Equipment, steel doors and windows equipment, insulating glass production equipment product technology, maintenance, service and other related content training, this is our company's largest scale, recalled after-sales service personnel most training. The after-sales service training meeting received strong support from the company's technical department, production department, and quality inspection department, and conducted special training on relevant contents.

  With the development of Haoxiang Machinery and the rapid growth of product sales, Stone Machinery's after-sales service staff has spread all over the country, forming a trinity-responsive after-sales service mechanism for the company-office-after-sales service personnel. The technology and timely service are well received by customers.

    At the meeting, the general manager introduced the development history of Yuxiang Machinery's after-sales service, the company's preliminary plan for 2013, put forward new requirements for after-sales service personnel, and hoped that the after-sales service personnel could reach the same service concept as the company after training. And the technical level, so that every customer to buy Haoxiang products can get the best quality service!