Portable Welding Machine For PVC

- Mar 20, 2019-

lastic welding machine for PVC,PP,PE ,PVDF

Main Features

1)PA66 for welder body, plastic resist 280°C; 
2)Japanese bearing and thermal insulation gasket; 
3)Swedish Kanthal heating wire; 
4)Ceramic material resist 1650°C; 
5)Airflow is 230L/min, max temperature is 650°C.
6)230v 1600w Plastic Welder with Accessories for Sale

Shenzhen P-luck Machinery Technology Co,.ltd

Welding of thermoplastic materials as well as single - ply flexible plastic and modified bitumen in the form of boards,tubes profiles,lining membranes,coated materials,films,foams,tiles and sheets.The following procedures are possible :Overlap welding ,welding with rod,with tape,butt welding and melt welding.
Heating - up for forming,bending and sealing of thermoplastic semi- finished materials and plastic granules.
Dry of water - damp surfaces.
Shrinking of heat shrink sleeves,films,tapes,solder sleeves,pre formd and moulded parts.
Soldering of copper pipes,solder joints and metal foils.
Defrosting of frozen water pipes.
Activating / Dissolving of solvent free adhesives and fusion adhesives.
Igniting of wood shavings,paper,coal or straw in furnaces.

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