Precautions Before Using Punch

- Feb 28, 2018-

Check the lubrication of each part, and make the lubrication points fully lubricated;

Check the mold installation is correct and reliable;

Check whether the compressed air pressure is within the specified range;

Check each switch button is sensitive and reliable, it is necessary to make the flywheel and clutch off before the motor can be opened;

Make the press to do a few empty trip, check the brake, clutch and the operation of the operation of the part;

Check the main motor has no abnormal heat, abnormal vibration, abnormalsound, etc.

Adding lithium base ester oil to the slide block by the manual oil pump;

Check the adjustment feeder roller clearance to process requirements;

Check and maintain oil mist oil volume to meet the required requirements;

When the motor is in motion, check that the flywheel rotates in the same direction as the slewing sign.