PVC Window And Door Machinery Development In China

- Mar 21, 2018-

At present, Chinese plastic steel door and window processing equipment has four categories: sawing, milling, welding, and cleaners, about 100 varieties of different performance, different specifications and equipment to meet the needs of different production processes.

The welding equipment mainly includes two welding machines for plastic steel doors and windows, three welding machines for plastic steel doors and windows, four welding machines for plastic steel doors and windows, four-corner welding machines for plane layout, and single-point welding machines. The function of the welding equipment is to complete the welding and fanning of plastic profiles in the assembly of plastic doors and windows. Different models are suitable for equipment configurations of different sizes or different process requirements.

Sawing equipment includes double-angle saws, V-saws, glass bead saws, and integral door panel assembly saws. The main function of this type of equipment is to complete the main sections of the plastic profiles such as frames, fans, and crucibles, and the end of the glass bead. Weigh angle cutting, and V-shaped sawing of frames, fans, and stern main sections.

Milling equipment mainly includes profiling milling, sink milling, face milling, capping milling, keyhole slot machine and door panel keyhole combination drilling, etc. This type of equipment is used to carry out all kinds of slots for plastic door and window components (drainage groove, screw The end face of the assembly used for milling) milling and door lock hole processing.

cleaning equipment includes CNC corner cleaning machine, forming knife corner cleaning machine, V-shaped corner cleaning machine, single-side portable angle cleaning machine, internal and external angle milling, North American profile corner cleaning machine, etc. After welding, the cleaning of the welding seams at the corner seams is performed to ensure that the welding locations do not affect the performance of the plastic window and obtain satisfactory external quality.

Other types of equipment include plastic steel doors and windows arc window machine, screw fastening machine, combination screw fastening machine, door panel processing center, profile punching machine series, and door and window hardware tester.

Auxiliary vehicle and desk equipment includes type material racks, profile turnover carts, sealing strip carts, hardware accessories carts, hardware fittings mounting tables, strip mounting tables, plastic window assembly worktables, windowed turnover carts, and the like for plastic door and window assembly Auxiliary equipment and tools in the process.