Safety Essentials Of Punching Moulds Design

- Feb 28, 2018-

In the structure should be as far as possible to ensure that feed, fixed materials, out of pieces, the convenience of cleaning waste. For small parts processing to be strictly prohibited the operator's fingers, work of the wrist or other parts of the body into the mold area; for large parts processing, if the operator must hand into the mold, to minimize the scope of the mold, as far as possible to shorten the part of the body in the mold to stay in the time, and should be clear mold danger zone range, Equipped with necessary protective measures and devices.

Mold on a variety of parts should have sufficient strength and stiffness, to prevent damage and deformation in the use of the process, fastening parts should have to prevent loose measures to avoid accidental damage to the operator.

It is not allowed to have scrap or workpiece missile phenomenon in the process, which affects the operator's attention and even the injured operator. In addition to avoid punching pieces burr cut hands. Do not allow the operator in the stamping operation has a large range of motion, to avoid the loss of a stable body posture; do not allow excessive and accurate action in the operation. As far as possible to avoid stamping processing, there is strong noise and vibration. Mold design should be marked on the general drawing of the mold weight, easy to install and ensure safety.