Service For Aluminium Window And Door Machinery

- Oct 23, 2018-

First, the service commitment
1. Our company has set up a group of tough emergency maintenance service teams, experienced field engineers and senior technicians.
Any problem can be rushed to the scene in the fastest time for repair and replacement.
2. Within one week of product delivery, the staff of our after-sales service department will conduct telephone tracking consultation according to the customer's contact information.
Until the customer is satisfied.
3. All complaints about product quality, reply within 1 hour, and determine the treatment according to the complaint, repair
And replacement.
4. The expenses incurred by the product quality during the warranty period shall be borne by our company.
5. Due to improper use of yours during the warranty period, or due to the natural environment, we provide free maintenance, materials used for maintenance and
Accessories only charge the cost price.
6. The whole machine is guaranteed for one year and lifetime maintenance.
7. For products that are out of warranty, our company promises regular home inspection and maintenance.
Second, the mode of transportation
Jinan City special car delivery, other city logistics delivery, can choose logistics companies or special lines according to customer requirements, depending on the location,
Domestic logistics generally arrives in 2-7 days.
Third, the payment method
Orders must be prepaid 30% of the purchase price, the full payment before shipment or the equipment is sent to the customer's logistics, the remaining payment will be delivered before delivery.
Fourth, the return of goods commitment
1. Unable to realize the packaging of goods, quality problems have occurred many times, affecting the production of the demand side, and our company returns unconditionally.
2. Users have quality problems under normal use, please contact our company quickly during the warranty period to facilitate users.
To timely repair and replacement.
Five, product parameter price
1. Due to the large number of product classification parameters, the product details page cannot be displayed one by one, for reference only. Please contact customer service before purchasing.
Get the exact parameters you need for your device and avoid unnecessary hassles.
2. Due to changes in product parameters, there will be changes in the corresponding costs, so the price indicated by the store is not the price of the equipment you need.
Gee, so please be sure to contact our customer service staff before purchasing. The customer service staff will give you the best advice based on the parameters of your packaged goods.
Suitable for your equipmen