Shenzhen P-luck Machinery Have Made High Precision Cutting Saw Machine

- Mar 31, 2018-

In order to meet the diversified requirements of customers, a new high-end aluminum precision cutting saw is introduced. The saw is improved and upgraded in the following areas:

The whole machine adopts an integral rack. The new optimized design of the rack makes the equipment more reasonable in structure, strengthens the weight, rigidity and stability of the machine body, reduces the resonance of the equipment during operation, and ensures the processing accuracy of the equipment.

Redesigned the protective protection of the sawing guard, from the original front and rear swing arm type to pull up and down. This structure is more secure in terms of safety protection and avoids the operator touching the protective cover during movement.

The equipment adopts the Zhejiang Zhengtai Low Voltage Electrical Appliance and the Taiwan YadeKe Brand pneumatic components under the insurance of the well-known domestic brands, which ensure the safety and stability of the broken aluminum door and window equipment in the operation and control.

       At present, this kind of saw that has been installed and commissioned has been purchased by customers. Interested sales organizations can call the sales department manager Liu for detailed consultation and order. The next step will be to continue to introduce higher-end broken aluminum doors and windows equipment, so stay tuned!

45 degree cutting saw machine3.jpg

90度切割锯1.jpg45 degree cutting saw machine4.jpg