Sorts Of Broken Bridge Windows And Doors

- Apr 04, 2018-

Classification of broken bridge aluminum windows and doors

1 According to the opening method, it is divided into: fixed window, top hanging window, middle hanging window, lower hanging window, vertical turning window, flat open door and window, pulley flat open window, pulley window, flat hanging down door and window, sliding door and window, push and pull flat open. Windows, folding doors, floor spring doors, lifting sliding doors, sliding folding doors, sliding downside sliding doors.

2 divided by performance: ordinary doors and windows, soundproof doors and windows, insulation doors and windows.

3 According to the application site is divided into: internal doors and windows, outside doors and windows.

4 Classified by brand: Guangdong Feng Aluminum, Zhejiang Dongliang, Liaoning Zhongwang, German Wells, German Weidun, etc.

Casement window

The advantage is that the open area is large, ventilation is good, sealing is good, sound insulation, heat preservation and impermeability are excellent. The open type wipe window is convenient; the open type open space does not occupy space. The disadvantage is that the window width is small and the field of vision is not open. Open the window to open to occupy a piece of space outside the wall, easy to damage when the wind blows; and open the window is to take up some of the interior space, the use of screens is not convenient, the use of screens, curtains, etc. is not convenient when you open the window , If the quality does not pass, it may also seep rain.

Sliding window

The advantage of the sliding window is simple and beautiful, large window width, large glass block, open vision, high lighting rate, convenient glass cleaning, flexible use, safety and reliability, long service life, opening in one plane, occupying less space, convenient installation of screens Wait. At present, the use of a lot more is the sliding window. The disadvantage is that the two windows cannot be opened at the same time, and * can only be opened halfway, and the ventilation is relatively poor; sometimes the sealing performance is also slightly poor. Sliding window: two points, pushing up and down. Sliding windows have the advantage of not occupying the interior space. They have beautiful appearance, economical price, and good sealing performance. Use high-grade slides, push gently to open and flexible. With the large glass, it not only increases the lighting in the room, but also improves the overall appearance of the building. The sash has a good stress state and is not easily damaged, but the ventilation area is subject to certain restrictions.

Suspension type

Upper hanging window This is an aluminum alloy, plastic steel window that appeared later. It is a new form developed on the basis of a casement window. There are two ways to open it. It can be opened flat and pushed away from the top. When the casement window is closed, pull the upper part of the window inward to open a gap of about ten centimeters. That is, the window can be opened a little from above. The open part is suspended in the air and is fixed to the window frame through hinges, etc. Suspension type. Its advantages are that it can be ventilated and it can be kept safe. Because of the hinges, the window can only open ten centimeters of seams and it can't come in from the outside. It is especially suitable for use when nobody is in the house. This function is not limited to flat open windows. Sliding windows can also be hung open.

Swing door

Swing doors have single-opening swing doors and double-opening swing doors: Single-open doors have only one door and double doors have two doors. Swing doors are divided into one-way opening and two-way opening. One-way opening can only be opened in one direction (only inward or outward). Two-way opening is that the door leaf can be opened in both directions (such as a spring door). Swing door is divided relative to other opening methods, because the door also has moving open, upturned, rolling up and down, vertical lifting, rotating and so on.