Talk About The High Precision 90degree Cutting Saw Machine For Window

- Apr 02, 2018-

A qualified window from the choice of materials to the processing and even the installation of all aspects interlocking, not sloppy, any part of the negligence may affect the final quality of doors and windows. As a professional manufacturer of door and window equipment, Jinan Stone Machinery Co., Ltd. is deeply aware of this, and therefore always regards the quality of equipment as the top priority of the company. It will provide door and window processing enterprises with high-precision, high-quality door and window processing equipment as our The direction of efforts.

    Today, we will introduce to you the necessary equipment for the processing of aluminum doors and windows in the broken bridge ---- double-head cutting saw. Among them, the digital double-headed precision sawing machine with aluminum doors and windows has received numerous doors and windows due to its digital display of cutting size and processing accuracy. Processing companies favor.

    The digital display precision saw blade spindle is produced by the professional spindle manufacturer. The cutting feed motion guide adopts the imported linear guide pair; the movement of the head adopts the imported linear guide motion pair; the saw blade feed is powered by the hydraulic damping cylinder; the processing range Large, cutting length of 4200mm, cutting angle of 90 °, 45 °.

    The use of carbide saw blades, high cutting speed, high precision machining. Both saws can work either alone or at the same time. At the same time when working, it can cut out the required length and the angle of both ends of the profile.

    In order to protect the safety of the operator, all parts of the saw head are covered in an openable, sturdy safety cover. The pneumatic control system has two-hand control buttons to ensure safe operation.

    In order to meet the needs of different doors and windows processing enterprises, we also have aluminum door and window CNC double-head precision cutting saw, aluminum door and window double-head precision cutting saw, aluminum-plastic profile heavy-duty swing arm double-head cutting saw and aluminum-plastic profile double-head cutting saw (06 More than a dozen kinds of cutting saws, etc., can meet the processing requirements of different specifications of profiles. For details, please contact our company's national unified sales phone: 0755-33173801, 86-15112696960,