Tempered Glass Applications

- Apr 20, 2018-

Flat tempered, curved tempered glass is a safety glass. Widely used in high-rise building doors and windows, glass curtain walls, indoor partition glass, lighting ceiling, sightseeing elevator access, furniture, glass guardrails and so on. Generally tempered glass can be applied in the following industries:

Tempered glass door

Tempered glass door

1. Architecture, architectural formwork, decoration industry (examples: doors, windows, curtain walls, interior decoration, etc.)

2. Furniture manufacturing industry (glass coffee table, furniture, etc.)

3. Appliance manufacturing industry (TVs, ovens, air conditioners, refrigerators, etc.)

4. Electronic and instrumentation industries (mobile phones, MP3, MP4, watches, and other digital products)

5. Automobile manufacturing industry (automotive windshield, etc.)

6. Household products industry (glass cutting board, etc.)

7. Special industries (military glass)

Due to the breakage of the tempered glass, the shreds break into uniform small particles and there is no universal glass knife-like sharp corner, which is called safety glass and is widely used in automobiles, interior decorations, and high-rise open windows.

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