The Biggest Window And Door Machinery Showing In Shanghai, China

- Mar 27, 2018-

The transformation of building engineering projects with scientific and technological innovations is a commanding point in the development of the building and building materials industry. The most intuitive manifestation of this commanding height is to keep up with the times and meet the requirements of the era of energy saving, water saving, and environmental friendly. Shanghai is now in an important period of transforming the mode of development and promoting the overall transformation of the city. Among them, the Shanghai International Tourist Resort and Hongqiao Business District and the Shanghai Disneyland amusement park are the “practisers” whose urban center of gravity has shifted from the center of the city to the suburbs. Shanghai's promotion of the construction of financial centers and shipping centers is undoubtedly a major business opportunity for construction and construction materials.

The last exhibition gathered the most representative building and building materials brands in the world today. For example, in the field of building energy conservation, the internationally renowned companies RP, Aojia, Knauf, Henkel, BASF, Luchen Group, Huntsman, Kaisheng Doors and Windows, Bayer, 3M, WACKER, DuPont, STO, Ito, AME Co., Ltd., Shikoku Chemical Research, Graco, etc.; famous domestic brands Beixin, Wanhua, Everbright, Albo, Xinliji, Treasure, Luyuan , Yingchuang, Aobang, Caoyang, Yunni, Yongli, Luobao, Huayuan, etc. also made appearances in high-profile appearances, and have successively adopted systems such as exterior wall insulation, exterior wall interior insulation, exterior wall self-insulation, roof insulation, and other systems. Materials, fully demonstrate the latest technology in building energy efficiency. The famous brands in the energy-saving door and window industry, such as Japan's Tongshitai Co., Ltd., Tianjin Weidun, Liangmudao, Yadeju, Guanghan, Weiger, etc., are leaders; the leaders in the roof greening industry are Vida, Soprema, etc. Vigorous competition; wood environmental protection residential exhibition area of Japanese wood, Canadian wood, light rain, the United States and other high-end display, novelty, all add color to the exhibition. South Korea and Japan organized a group participation. The three-day exhibition attracted exhibitors from dozens of countries and regions including China, Japan, South Korea, Germany, the United States, France, Italy, Austria, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Denmark, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. 536 building materials companies from more than 20 provinces, cities, and regions nationwide have joined. The exhibition not only attracted domestic and foreign professional energy-saving production and distribution companies, but also attracted many real estate developers, design agencies, construction companies, construction companies, distributors, related scientific research institutions, government agencies and professional media from all over the country. With attention, it has become the largest and most professional energy-saving product and energy-saving technology exhibition in China.