The Functions For Diamond Screens

- May 08, 2018-

Diamond screens are made of high-strength stainless steel wire made of heavy-duty precision loom, and the surface has been treated by spray-on matt finish. The window is equipped with anti-mosquito and anti-theft functions on aluminum doors and windows. Organically combined with existing doors and windows. Integral, with high strength, simple and powerful, shear, impact resistance and other high-quality performance, truly embodies the advantages of security, pest control, ventilation, aesthetics, security, etc.. The well-known high-strength wire equipped with Modular Diamond mesh screen window Glia hardware locks can not be opened from the outside, so as to play a burglarproof effect.

Diamond screens also belong to screens, which have the function of preventing mosquitoes from ventilating.

Its advantages are the following

1. Emergency escape: In the event of an emergency, such as fire, earthquake, etc., it has a special emergency escape function, flexible internal locks, free folding open, to ensure that it will not delay the valuable time to escape, to ensure their own safety.

2. Security Protection: The introduction of the United States doors and windows of professional technology, the use of high-density anti-theft wire material plus difficult technical processing, wins Jinyang King Kong anti-theft screens gauze has a high impact, shear and other functions, truly prevent Mosquito anti-theft and environmental protection and other seven-in-one function 3, invisible transparent: zero line of sight blocking, zero distance visual communication with the outside world, keep the air fresh and natural throughout the day, reduce the sub-health brought by air conditioning, so that you and your family will always have Healthy body and mind.

Diamond's shortcomings are also obvious, that is, high cost of construction.

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