The Importance Of Hardware For Window And Door

- Jun 07, 2018-

In the past days, incidents caused by poor window quality often occurred. For example, the floor-to-ceiling window glass in a certain district of a city burst into a spider web and tilted out of the room, forming an irregular large hole in the middle of the window. It will drop a lot of glass fragments with a slight touch. And below the window is the main passage of the community, next to a swimming pool. Many people are still swimming in the pool during the incident. Another example is a plastic glass window in a office building in Shenzhen, which descends from the sky. Ms. Zhou, who was a pedestrian in the middle of the country, had her neck artery pierced and was unconscious on the spot. These tragic cases fully explain the quality of doors, windows and doors and windows hardware. Due to the functional requirements of the building, structural forms, space dimensions, design styles of the building facades, etc., there are various opening styles for the building doors and windows, such as the inner flat open, the outer flat open, the inner open hanging, the inner open lower There are more than ten kinds of opening styles, and the key to make the building doors and windows have various opening styles is the door and window hardware of various structures.

The flexibility of building doors and windows opening and closing, the degree of difficulty of operation, and the size of the operating force mainly depend on the structural design of the door and window hardware, material selection, processing and manufacturing, assembly process and assembly quality. Building doors and windows must be able to open and close to achieve ventilation, ventilation, insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation, weather protection and other functions. Therefore, building doors and windows must be resistant to wind under certain strong winds and weather conditions. Pressure performance, and building doors and windows closed after the realization of the locking feature is the door and window hardware, such as the inner door and windows in the positive wind pressure, open the windows and doors under the negative wind pressure, the wind load on the door and window fan fully passed to the hardware, Then, the wind load is transmitted by the hardware to the window frame and the building structure. Therefore, the door and window hardware are the main functional components that affect the wind and pressure resistance of the building doors and windows.

In building energy conservation, the role of doors and windows can not be overlooked, and high-quality door and window hardware for high-quality doors and windows to provide protection, so the role of hardware in the building doors and windows in the energy conservation is gradually being valued. Building experts believe that assessing whether a building is energy-efficient depends on whether or not resources have been saved to the maximum during the entire life cycle of the building, including energy conservation, land saving, water conservation, and material conservation, whether it has protected the environment and reduced pollution. To provide people with a healthy and efficient use of space, whether it is a natural and harmonious symbiotic architecture. Therefore, construction experts need to study the problems in various fields. Doors and windows are used as external protective structures for buildings. Their energy-saving performance directly affects the energy efficiency of buildings. Door and window hardware, as an accessory in doors and windows, provides support for windows and doors. The advantages and disadvantages of the direct impact on the energy-saving effect of doors and windows, therefore, high-quality doors and windows hardware plays an important role in building energy efficiency.

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