The Leaking Reason For Window Connection To The Wall

- Apr 06, 2018-

1. Due to the defects of the wall of the building adjacent to the door and window openings, rainwater is directly penetrated into the room through the wall under the action of wind load. Especially when the exterior wall is a tile, the phenomenon is more common, because gaps between bricks often occur. Micro cracks exist. This phenomenon is often mistaken for leaking doors and windows because the water seepage site is close to doors and windows.

2. The filling material does not fill the gap between the door and window frame and the wall, forming a hollow valley phenomenon or cracks.

3. The adjustment pad of the fixed door and window frame remains in the door and window frame, or no secondary filling is performed after the removal.

4. The gap between the broken aluminum windows and the wall of the cavern fails to fill qualified materials as required. For example, the grade of the waterproof cement mortar is incorrect or the ratio is unqualified.

5, wall hole size does not meet the design requirements, resulting in the gap between the size of the doors and windows and the wall exceeds the prescribed range, too small gap caused by the material can not be filled, the gap is too large to make the doors and windows difficult to fix and the filling is not easy to produce cracks, etc. .

6. The fixed connection between the door and the window and the hole is not secure, so that the door and the window are moved under the action of the wind load to cause cracks in the sealing material.

7. After the doors and windows are installed, there is no seal between the outside of the doors and windows and the wall, or the seal fails.

8. For doors and windows that have a corner or connected form, the upper part of the connecting rod at the corner or connecting part is not plugged, and it easily leads to leakage of rain water from top to bottom into the room

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