The Notes For Adjustment To Aluminium Window Machinery

- Apr 06, 2018-

Top of the list, electricity. The voltage of 380V is the normal voltage of the general door and window machinery and equipment, and the frequency is 50Hz. Therefore, the connection between the front and the neutral line needs to be watched. The front and the zero line should be well connected, otherwise it may cause trouble. In general, most door and window equipment manufacturers use color discrimination, black or blue in front and red in neutral. Assuming that the front is reversed, it is enough to change the two.

The second aspect is air supply. Because the pressure of the door and window equipment must ensure that the air supply is satisfied, it can be used very well. This is the basis for completing the cylinder compression. Under normal circumstances, the air supply volume and the air pressure of the door and window equipment are all determined by a fixed parameter, that is, the air supply flow must reach 0.3, and the air pressure must reach 8 pressures. In the case of multiple doors and windows, this would require more gas tanks, depending on the actual situation. Assuming that the air pressure is not reached, the accuracy of the door and window processing equipment will have a corresponding impact on the entry and exit, and the corresponding processing results will also have some unintended consequences.

The third aspect is equipment. There are many varieties of broken aluminum doors and windows equipment, each type of equipment will have more varieties, or a variety of equipment parts are not the same. Therefore, in the equipment debugging of the door and window equipment, it is necessary to coordinate the operations in each area and grasp each world well, so that debugging will not cause problems.

The above three summaries are the details and are carefully investigated. Only able to come out of good broken bridge aluminum doors and windows products. The proportion of broken aluminum doors and windows in the market is increasing, Jinan Zhenghua Xiao Bian sincerely hope that the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows companies will develop better and better

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