We Need Some Preparation Before Install The Window Machinery

- Apr 04, 2018-

We need to do preparatory work before installing the broken aluminum door and window equipment. What customers need to do in order to be able to install and debug as soon as possible, and can work normally, P-LUCK machinery can answer your questions:

Broken Bridge Aluminum Door and Window Processing Equipment

1, power. As the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows equipment commonly used voltage 380V, so everyone must pay attention to the connection of the fire line and the zero line when the wiring. This is generally speaking, door and window equipment manufacturers will make a wink, the fire line is black or Blue, the neutral line is red (all factories are based on their own situation). If the fire line is reversed, just swap two lines at both ends of the fire line.

2. Air supply. Since the pressure of the broken aluminum windows and doors is compressed by the cylinder, ensuring sufficient air supply is a prerequisite for the efficient use of the equipment. If the air pressure is not reached, double-head cutting of the aluminum bridge Saw blade will be affected by the entry and exit, the corresponding processing effect will be affected. In general, a broken bridge aluminum doors and windows equipment to ensure that the air pressure can reach 8 pressure, air flow to reach 0.3. If the equipment is too much, Just relying on the air pump is not enough, you need to prepare one or two gas tanks.

3. Equipment. Due to the large number of broken aluminum doors and windows equipment, each type of equipment may have several types of machines. It is particularly important for the inspection of door and window equipment, such as the cutting plug's tracheal plug, saw blade speed, sawing head left and right working status. and many more.