What Machine Do You Need For One Window Factory?

- Mar 22, 2018-


What special machinery is required for the production and installation of aluminum alloy doors and windows:

1Aluminum profile cutting machine is used to cut materials for windows and doors. Aluminum profiles can be cut according to the required size and angle. Commonly used cutting angles are 45° and 90°. The cutting machine used in the production of large-scale aluminum alloy doors and windows is a large-scale sawing machine. When cutting aluminum profiles, the profiles can be smoothly placed on the working table of the sawing machine, intercepting the length, the angles are all relatively accurate, the sawing mouth is neat, and the cutting speed is fast; The cutting machine used in aluminum door and window processing points is a small toothless saw, and the cutting accuracy is far less than that of a large-scale sawing machine.

2. Punching machine is used for punching aluminum profiles and can punch square, rectangular and round holes. Punch presses are equipment used in large-scale aluminum alloy door and window production plants, and small-scale processing points are replaced with other equipment, and their accuracy and efficiency are far less than those of punch presses.

3, imitation line milling machine is mainly used for profile milling on the keyhole, imitation line milling machine can be according to the shape of the template milling hole, the shape of the template can be square, round, oval, figure eight and so on. With intelligent milling features high accuracy and speed. The cost of imitating line milling machines is relatively high, and small-scale processing sites generally do not have them. Generally, they are replaced by hand-operated rockers.

4, the angle machine is mainly used for aluminum alloy doors and windows profile spell angle, with high precision, spell the angle of the characteristics of the general is generally used in large aluminum doors and windows factory, and small processing points are generally manual group angle