Why Broken Bridge Aluminium Win-door Machinery Are On Hot Sales

- Apr 03, 2018-

Broken bridge insulation aluminum high strength type, maintenance-free. The broken bridge aluminum door form has high tensile and shear strength and thermal deformation resistance. Rugged and durable aluminum profiles are not susceptible to acid and alkali corrosion, are not easy to fade yellow, and almost do not need maintenance.

Broken bridge insulation aluminum variety of colors, highly decorative. The indoor and outdoor surfaces of the doors and windows can be different colors to meet the customer's preference for color effect and the aesthetic needs of the color space, in line with the architect's personalized design requirements. Aluminum streamlined design, luxurious style.

Broken bridge heat insulation aluminum aluminum green building materials, recycling economy. Broken aluminum doors and windows in the production process will not only produce harmful materials, all materials can be recycled recycling, is an environmentally friendly green building materials, in line with human sustainable development.

Broken bridge insulation aluminum open more form, comfortable and durable. There are flat open type, introversion type, top suspension type, push-pull type, flat open and introverted combined type, etc., applicable to public

Construction, residential quarters and municipal engineering; high-quality hardware fittings durable, humanized operation handle design, beautiful and comfortable, easy to open and flexible, each use of the action has been tested, the number of fatigue tests up to tens of thousands of times, sliding easily, silently, mature and perfect Door and window processing technology, high-precision program