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- Apr 13, 2018-

What is the scope of application of aluminum cutting machine: Aluminum cutting machine is a kind of machine tool specially used for cutting and cutting aluminum material. It has a wide range of application, more fields of use, mainly suitable for small aluminum materials, cutting amount. Large and precise cutting work is required. Small pieces of aluminum can be cut into bundles. Multiple branches can be cut at a time. The efficiency is very high. The machine has the functions of feeding, clamping, positioning, etc. It is controlled by PLC to realize automatic cutting work. The tungsten steel is used. Circular saw blade cutting, saw blade rotation speed of 3200 rotations per minute, cutting material section clean and smooth without burrs. Suitable for all kinds of aluminum products manufacturing cutting accuracy requirements. Such as heat sink aluminum, U disk MP3 aluminum shell, aluminum tubes, aluminum rods, aluminum alloy cutting materials.

The use of aluminum cutting machines requires more attention to safety, as it is an automated mechanical product that performs better in accordance with the normal operating procedures.

Aluminum is a light metal, rich in the earth's crust, and aluminum has a special chemical, physical properties, good ductility, thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity and heat resistance. It is an important metal base raw material in the global economic development. In today's world, aluminum is used in a wide range of industries, including aviation, automotive, and construction. The general production process of aluminum products is to send the aluminum rods to a cutting machine for heat cutting, and then to conduct casting of various aluminum products. In the cutting process of the aluminum rod, a cutting limit device needs to be cut to ensure that the aluminum profile cutting machine enters the normal operation of the next process after cutting.

The aluminum cutting machine uses an upper limit device to include a rail groove provided on the side of the bracket. Each of the upper and lower ends of the rail groove is provided with an inductor. The upper cutting piece is provided with a cutting block, and the cutting bar is passed through the rail groove. With the upper cutting member moving up and down; the upper cutting member is provided with a circular arc groove at the middle of the lower end, and an arc groove is arranged at the middle of the upper cutting member; the circular arc groove and the arc groove are matched; the driving device includes a pneumatic element; The upper cutting part is connected with the oil cylinder; the blade movement is from bottom to top. This equipment can also install the electronic control system on the equipment according to the user's requirements.

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