Why Shall We Use Broken Bridge Aluminium Machinery?

- Apr 11, 2018-

In recent years, broken bridge aluminum doors and windows equipment has been more and more people's favorite, which is inseparable from its characteristics and advantages. The following Xiaobian will give you a brief introduction to what the advantages of broken aluminum door and window equipment in the end Features it:

The best effect of using broken aluminum doors and windows in the construction of the sun room is because the aluminum doors and windows used in the broken bridge are very simple to use, and the effect in this regard is also very good, mainly not to occupy too much space, open the doors and windows It's not easy to bump into the head. This is its benefit.

Broken aluminum doors and windows are made of heat-insertion broken bridge aluminum alloy profiles, in which the heat conduction is finely described as 1.8~3.5w/m2.k, which is much lower than ordinary aluminum alloy profiles. If the form of hollow glass structure is used, the heat transfer coefficient is 3.17~3.59W/m2·k, much lower than ordinary aluminum alloy profiles (6.69~6.84W/m2·k), effectively reducing the heat transferred from the door and window into the room;

   In the hot summer season, the door/window frame with thermal insulation strips can block the hot air flow from the outdoors to the maximum extent. If there is air conditioning, it will also reduce the loss of air conditioning energy and reduce the environmental radiation generated by air conditioning and heating. Energy saving and environmental protection; the exchange of heat between the human body and the environment depends on the temperature of the indoor air, the air flow rate, and the outdoor air temperature. The temperature of the room is adjusted by the doors and windows so that it is no lower than 12~13°C, and it has reached the most comfortable environment;

The use of hollow glass structures with different thicknesses and heat-insulating and broken aluminum profiles can effectively reduce the resonance effect of acoustic waves, prevent sound transmission, reduce noise by more than 30 dB, and use the anodizing and powder coating after heat treatment Aluminium bridge material, can produce RAL color more than 200 different colors of aluminum profiles, after rolling combination, so that heat insulation aluminum alloy doors and windows produce different colors of indoor and outdoor color doors and windows, so that our living environment can also be colorful, colorful gorgeous.

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