Why There Is So Large Difference Between Different Window Suppliers?

- May 25, 2018-

a. There are many mainstream profiles for doors and windows, from type 55, type 65 to type 80, the price of each profile is different; and each type of profile has a different thickness, such as the common type 55 material, only one 6 Meter profiles, because of the thickness difference, the price difference of 80 yuan.

b. Manufacturers processing profiles are also classified into different sizes. Large-scale manufacturers use good equipment. Professionals are hired to work on separate profiles. The difference is between 2000 and 3,000 yuan per ton. Light from the profile point of view, Dachang good equipment to make the profiles, quality and small plant differences are very large.

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Because doors and windows have to withstand the wind and rain, as well as the test of high temperature and low temperature, coupled with the aesthetic requirements, so the requirements for window and door profile materials are relatively high. Therefore, Fu Xuan doors and windows products using domestic well-known home improvement aluminum brand new river aluminum, Ying Fai aluminum, the advantage is easy to color, surface gloss, high hardness, compared to other aluminum, superior.

2 glass

a, and the same reason as the profile, the separate hollow glass is divided into several types, non-tempered hollow, single-sided tempered hollow, double-sided tempered hollow. Between them because of different materials, a difference of more than 100 yuan per square meter.

b. Take the 55 broken bridge glass, there are three types that can be assembled, 5+6a+5, 5+9a+5, 5+12a+5; three kinds of glass that are simple like this, because of the insulation properties The difference between good and bad is about 30 yuan per square meter.

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The glass used in Fuxuan's doors and windows is made of hollow tempered glass. It consists of two or more layers of flat glass and is surrounded by a high-strength, airtight composite adhesive to bond two or more pieces of glass to the aluminum alloy frame. Allow space between the glass, flush with inert gas for excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. The sound from the glass to the air, or from the air to the glass, must be reflected. The sound penetrates through the two layers of glass. After four reflections, the amount of energy that passes through is already very low, which can reduce the outdoor noise by 27-53dB. Achieve soundproofing and keep the interior quiet.

3 Hardware

Hardware accessories like aluminum alloy doors and windows of the "heart", its quality directly affects the overall performance of aluminum alloy doors and windows, aluminum alloy doors and windows airtight, watertight, windproof and other properties have a greater impact. A set of doors and windows hardware, the ordinary 100 yuan, 300 yuan a good point, if it is replaced by imports to 500 ~ 2000 yuan range. Some poor door and window hardware, it took less than six months to be broken, how difficult is maintenance? Good hardware can be used for more than ten years, so to be a good hardware to buy or cost-effective

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