Window And Door Developing Direction

- Apr 11, 2018-

The doors and windows are one of the most important structures in the external protective structure of the building, functioning as a shelter for wind, rain, heat and sound, lighting and ventilation, and play an important role in people's work and living environment. Some people say that it is the eyes of buildings and is one of the key parts of beautifying the interior and exterior buildings. To this end, we will strive to make our doors and windows of higher quality produce higher quality water products in the future. Aluminum alloy doors and windows have good performance, light weight, beautiful (metal luster, can be processed into various shapes and colors), good lighting (smaller frame), durable (no aging, resistance to atmospheric corrosion), easy to recycle and re-profile The characteristics of high utilization rate, no environmental pollution, etc. are loved by people. However, the poor thermal insulation properties of the frame material affect the performance of aluminum doors and windows. Therefore, improving its thermal insulation and energy-saving performance is the key technical problem to be solved in the future of aluminum alloy doors and windows, and is also the development direction of aluminum doors and windows industry.

    1. Improve the structure and realize diversified system design

    To improve the performance and grade of existing doors and windows, we must improve the structural design.

The low-level structure with low material consumption and low price realizes the transition from a mainly sliding window with a better sliding window to better performance, and realizes the design of diversified systems such as single-layer, double-layer, three-layer, and small-opening fixed.

    2. Key development areas of raw materials

  1 The overall requirements of the frame material should be good strength, good heat insulation performance, easy to make into a variety of shapes, but also easy to recycle and conducive to environmental protection. Aluminum alloy window frame material should be improved to its thermal insulation performance, should be made of broken bridge or composite type.

  2 Glass should promote the use of hollow glass, and in the north should promote the use of Low-E type (low radiation) hollow glass. In the south, solar-coated glass should be promoted in regions where solar radiant heat predominates. Foreign developed countries basically do not use single glass and white glass, because they are not conducive to energy saving and improving the living environment.

  3Promote the use of double-channel sealing and hollow glass made of polysulfide hollow glass glue. The insulating glass spacer should adopt continuous angle structure. If 4-angle plug-in type is used, butyl rubber must be used for sealing at the joint. deal with. Single-pass sealed hollow glass is not available. Insulating glass with secondary silicone sealant is also not advisable because their service life is relatively short.

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