Hydraulic Pressure Station

Hydraulic pressure station is used for hydraulic machinery, Hydraulic pressure station apply the pressure that drives motors, cylinders, and other complementaryparts of a hydraulic system. Unlike standard pumps, these power units use multi stage pressurization networks to move fluid, and they...

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Hydraulic pressure station is used for hydraulic machinery, Hydraulic pressure station apply the pressure that drives motors, cylinders, and other complementaryparts of a hydraulic system. Unlike standard pumps, these power units use multi stage pressurization networks to move fluid, and they often incorporate temperature control devices. 

The mechanical characteristics and specifications of a hydraulic power unit dictate the type of projects for which it can be effective.



Motor power


Max Operating Pressure

7 MPa

Rated flow

vane pump:12L/min

Capacity of tank

60 L

Working medium


Ambient temperature

1~90 ℃

Control valve

Solenoid valve 1 pc


other accessories:one-way valve,pressure gauge,manifold,level and temp.gauge,air breather,pressure switch and so on.


DC12V 24V AC220V 380V, to be Customized



1)  Small volume and light weight and replace of paker hydraulic power system

2)  Within a given range steady automatically adjust the hauling speed, and the infinite speed adjustment can be realized

3)  Easy to change direction, can realize operating mechanism rotate and the straight line reciprocating movementwhile under the condition of without changing the motor direction of rotation

4)  Tubing connection between hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor, each other is not subject to strict limits on space layout

5)  Because of oil as working medium, the components of relative motion between surface can self lubrication, wear small, long service life

6)  Operate and control simply, high degree of automation

7)  Easy to achieve overload protection

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