Aluminium Pressing Machine For Aluminium Profile

1.The price can be negotiation(please give us your emailbox so that we can send the working video to you) 2.Processing performance and features It is used for punching process of aluminum profiles. The load bearing adopted two-point rolling bent axle so that the machine force in uniform and...

Product Details

◎ The machine used for punching bores process.
◎ Hydraulic power station ensures stability and power equality. Exchange combined mold conveniently.
◎ Much bigger worktable, can install six sets of moulds at the same time.
◎ Through rotating the worktable, change the different moulds, high efficiency. 


Voltage380V  50HZ
Power 4.4KW
Rated oil pump pressure16Mpa
Capacity of box50L
Rated pressure500KN
Punching travel times40 Times/min
Overall dimension1800mmx700mmx1700mm


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