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Door Hydraulic Punching Machine is used for punching holes for Aluminium doors, and it adopt hydraulic cylinder to supply the power for machine, no pollution for air, and efficiency is very good, one operation just take you one or two seconds. It is easy to operate, workers are just trained some...

Product Details

product detailed information:

It is mainly used in combination with aluminum alloy door and window series single-mode and combined molds, which can complete the punching and processing of all the holes and notches of various common profiles and heat-insulating profiles. The four guide columns are used for guiding, and the punching is good in stability, high in efficiency, low in noise, non-polluting, high in precision, and the mold is quick, simple, safe and reliable.


The two-column punching machine is the latest product developed by our company with many years of practice and extensively adopting the customer's suggestion and requirements. The hydraulic cylinder drives the pendulum shaft to allow the mechanical control of the two tension columns to be forced to synchronize, completely eliminating the previous type of die or punching. The phenomenon of jitter, jamming, broken knife, etc., which are often unbalanced and unevenly stressed. At the same time, it has a larger matching space and a larger punching force than the same size model on the market. The machine has been the most stable since its launch on the market, and has won recognition and praise from customers. It is one of the main models recommended by our company.


Technical Parameters


Single cylinder two column punch:YXH-005T

Double cylinder two column punch:YXH-0020T

Blanking station:12pcs

Maximum closed height 350mm

Minimum closed height:165mm

Maximum stroke:100MM

Cylinder diameter:80mm

Fuel tank capacity:55L

Motor Power: 4.5Kw

Maximum total punching force:20000Kg

Operating Voltage:380VAC/50HZ

Dimensions (length X width X height)



Machine weight





1. Q: Which kind of product can you do?

    A: Mould ,punching machine, accessories for mould and machines, cutting machine, milling machine, and other window and door processing machines

2. Q: Which kind information need for window press mold quotation?

    A: IGS drawings for profiles or sectional drawings in CAD with profile samples

3. Q: I have no IGS or CAD drawing, how should I start the new project?

    A: You can supply us a sample, we will help to finish the 3D drawing design.

4. Q: Why choose us?

    A: High quality, professional service, factory price, and timely delivery.

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