Hydraulic Aluminium Windows Punching Machine

hydraulic hole punching machine for window is designed for the factory who would like to use good quality punching tooling ,but no much space for big machines. such machine just has a simple wire box to control the machine, one set of oil station to supply the power.this machine punching speed and pressure is much better than pneumatic, but a little slower than standard hydraulic punching machine. welcome more customer come and inquiry about us about such punching machine if you are interested in it.
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Product Details

Features and functions:

1. This machine is used for the punching of bores of aluminum doors and windows smoothly and efficiently.

2. Controlled by the footpedal and works steadily.

3. Used for hardware punching of installation slot of aluminum window and doors. 

Technical parameter: 


Punch pressure 5Mt

Workers 4

travelling distance: 380mm

Die contour dimension 380*300*400mm

Air consumption pressure 0.8Mpa

Machine contour dimension 1750x500x1800mm

Weight 650kg

Features for the hydraulic windows punching machine:

  1. more stonger worktale to make sure the machine works steadly, you can compare the machine's weight, some customer just want to know why the other suppliers are much cheaper, now it is one important reason.


2. we consider more which accessories are the most suitable for customers'use, ruther than if it is the cheapest one, that is why our machine has good quality ,reason 2

wire box.jpg

3.we would like to listen to different sounds from our customers, they also would like to give us better advise how to make the machine more convinient for use. then we try our best to improve the machine and tooling. that is why our products are better and better 


4.whatever it is a large quality or just a small set of tooling, we make great efforts to do it perfect for our customers, 3D design makes sure the machine precision and quality


5.see the operations, smooth and perfect, no deform and furs on the profiles, it is the best assitant for you to make perfect window and door.


6.our new customers are from our cooperated customers'introduction, they will tell new customers how is our machine working.


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