Exported Aluminium Punching Machine

Main Function: 1.Every combination punching die equiped with the machine can achieve the whole punching process of one type profile. 2.By changing different punching die various profile can be processed. 3.The small volume ensure good safety ,the same size and height of all punching dies ensure...

Product Details

Featurees for pneumatic punching machine:

  1. power: pneumatic punching

  2. punching thickness for aluminium :3mm

  3. working pressure:0.6-0.8mm

  4. worktable:380x250mm

pneumatic punching machine

pneumatic punching machine-2

punching operations by the punching machine:

  1. we use friendly punching mould management,so that to help you imporve productivity

  2. conpounent design, and convenient for assembling. some of important parts are milling by CNC machine with high precison

  3. Depending on the specifications of the aluminum and Pvc ,each die of mold can be installed 5-10 stations

  4. Closed die head installation, guided into the material, high efficient and reliable;

  5. Dies with longer life. It is twice comparing to the ordinary dies

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