Hole Pressing Machine for Vinyl Window

Hole Pressing Machine for Vinyl Window is used for PVC and Aluminium profiles, and it is simple structure, low production costs, the use of pneumatic technology help achieve an air compressor, can be simultaneously for multiple pneumatic punching machine, more energy-efficient than the electric...
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Product Details

  • Parameters and specifications:

  • 1) Used for hardware slot punching and processing of aluminum window and door. 

  • 2) die is easy change , especially for handle slot, sharp-angled cutting and friction hinge slot.

  • 3) Every combination punching die equipped with the machine can achieve the whole punching process of one type profile.

  • 4) We can make the die according to the customer requirement .

  • 5) Power controlled by the pneumatic pedal, which ensures work stable.Air supply power and equipped with 3 standard stations

    • Gas supplier: 0.6-0.8MPa

    • Max pressure: 2x2000kg

    • Overall size: 1200x800x1500mm

    • Max thickness for processing profiles: 1.6mm

    • Weight for punch: about 300kg

    • Dimensions: 600*600*1550mm

    • Certification: ISO 9001

    • Warranty: 1 year


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