Aluminium Window Tracks Punch Tooling

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Product Details

Punch Press Benefits

  • Punch Press dies for all major aluminum suppliers

  • Dies for shear block holes for mullions

  • Dies for weeping holes and end punching for pressure plate

  • Dies for drain holes for curtain wall cap

  • Accurate every time

  • Cheap to operate

  • Multifunction capabilities

  • Air over hydraulic for quiet and safer operation

  • Reduced labour costs

  • Can be used as a bench top model or on a cart for portability

  • Eliminates scrap due to over drilling or errors made while countersinking

  • Multiple ports available

toooling machine

punching die


as the above video, you can see how our punching tooling to cut the tracks.

Punch tooling is the most efficient method for secondary processing of aluminum extrusions. You can punch multiple holes and notches in one stroke of the press. Inside corners are easy to punch.The holes and notches on the part above were done in one stroke of the press – about 2-3 seconds.


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