Aluminum Extrusion Punching & Tooling

Hydraulic punch tool for door,often applied aluminium doors holes punching . It is a professional and crucial tool for Aluminium window and door processing.It includes one punched operation, and 3D design to make sure the punch smooth hydraulic punch tool for door can help door manufactures to...

Product Details

Aluminum Extrusion Punching & Tooling has developed a wide variety of specialized industry knowledge while working within the windows and doors industry. Our experiences have lead us to have a strong understanding of drain holes and screw chaser placement on difficult locations, angles or intricate window extrusions. Need a design for: interior or exterior drain / weep hole placement, multiple drainage holes, aluminum or vinyl extrusions. We can make the perfect custom solution to fit your project.

45° Corners with a left to right feed through centerline design
High precision interior and exterior cuts are available
Aluminum or plastic
SolidWorks Design used for Punch Station design
Long length feed through with razor stops
Able to punch through multiple interior walls for drainage
Easy replacement for parts and pieces; one bolt for punch




videos for punching mould working :


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