Drainage Punching Tools

Drainage Punching Tools

Product Details

Compared with other tooling sets manufacture, P-luck can provide a whole set of die sets that cover every single process of an aluminium window or door system.


The whole package including a powerful Hydraulic punching machine can bring a big revolution to the traditional way of aluminium window and door manufacture.


It can dramatically cut down the cost for any fabricator by speeding up the manufacture process and cutting the labour cost down

Every Natural P-luck Tooling sets block is especially designed for each customer.


All the dies are smartly arranged on the block to make it more convenient for fabricators to operate. Safety glass cover makes it absolutely safe to operate



if you are interested in our Drainage punching dies, please contact us with the following:

Shenzhen P-luck Machinery Technology Co,.ltd

No10-1, tongfuyu yongshengtai industrial park, Longtian Village, Kengzi town, Pingshan District, Shenzhen city

post code: 518112

contact person: lily shen




wechat:86-151126969601. Functions & Features


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