Hydraulic Punch Tool for Door

Hydraulic punch tool for door,often applied aluminium doors holes punching . It is a professional and crucial tool for Aluminium window and door processing.It includes one punched operation, and 3D design to make sure the punch smooth hydraulic punch tool for door can help door manufactures to...
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An aluminum alloy door and window component punching die comprises a base and a pressing plate connected to the base through a spring and a sleeve, the base is fixedly mounted with a lower die, and the pressing plate is fixedly mounted with an upper die, the upper die Provided with a cylindrical punch corresponding to each set of said mounting hole size, said lower die comprising a "door" shaped support portion, at least one "inverted L" limit mounted on the side of said "door" shaped support portion a positioning slider connected to the "door"-shaped support portion via a slide bar, the "door"-shaped support portion is provided with a punch corresponding to the columnar punch, and the top of the positioning slider corresponds to the punch The hole is provided with a cylindrical protrusion. The aluminum alloy door and window component punching die provided by the utility model can conveniently and quickly utilize the ordinary small punching machine to process a plurality of holes of the accurate size of the aluminum profile, thereby greatly improving the processing efficiency and processing of the aluminum alloy door and window component hole processing

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