Press Tooling For Window Lock

Press mould for aluminium lock,adopt 3D design to make sure it is in high precision and good quality, so that it can punch more smooth lock hole. The press mould use high pressure spring and free oil bushing, then it can work well . adopt 3D design can punch the max 225x32mm holes for lock in...

Product Details

Press tooling for Window Lock,we design it to use for all kinds of lock slots making. it can be served for Aluminium slidding window, owing window, also for screening lock. the tooling can help you to save more labor working, also can improve the work efficiency . 3D design makes our moulds can work very smoonthly, also our special design can make factory's working and maintian easier than before.

Specification about press mould for aluminium lock


press tooling for window lock


It is usually used for window and screens lock holes making


3D design by UG software, you can supply us CAD, Solidworks, IGS drawings and PDF drawings with profile samples






15days after down payment arrives


punch die for aluminium lock is more and more accepted for punch lock holes ,it can save much more time ,working speed is faster.

1) we are the only 3D maker for the press tooling, so that the tooling can be in high precision , and if some parts have some problems, we can make the same ones in short time.


2) the thicker tooling plates make sure the press tooling more stable during work, also enough strong for the structure.


3) free oil bushings can last longer time than balling bushing, also it doesnot need to be oiled during work, so that the tooling can keep clean during work.



4)  Meanwhile ,DC53,SKH51, SKD11 materials are used for tool pins and knives, after longer use, they will not be sharp, but we can polish them again, then go on using. so one set of pressing knives can last more than 3 years for use



5) we adopt special design to make the dies to be easy installing or replace. When you get our dies, you will see some bolts in blue marks, some in red marks. When you want to replace the parts for the dies, just loose the red bolts, take off the old parts, install the new ones onto the place, fix them well, no need to adjust from bottom and top.

dies structure.jpg

Factory introduction:

Shenzhen P-luck machinery technology co,. ltd has more than 8 years history for window and door machinery, specially for punching tooling and punching machine. We win lots of customers with high quality and good precision. P-luck Machine is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production, research and development and sales of plastic steel door and window processing equipment ,top grade aluminum alloy door and window equipment .The working staff in the corporation is of high level intelligence and high technique. For punching mold, we adopt 3D design to make sure our products in high precision, so that our customers can produce high quality and precise window and door

he following is what we can do for our customers:
1) good quality and high precision,we would like to use good material for each part,and each part has 3D design in our factory.
2) custom design and producing for each customer
3) we consider more if the machine and die is more convenient to customers, rather than profit
4)we would like to learn from our customers how to make the die more suitable for them and market, then to improve our machine and die continuously
5)special structure for machine and die, less maintian and problem ,even if there is something happen, no need to ask some one or wait us to solve, we can help you by video or calling to deal with it by you much costs and time for maintian
6) delivery on time

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