Screws Hole Tooling For Aluminium Door

Press mould for aluminium lock,adopt 3D design to make sure it is in high precision and good quality, so that it can punch more smooth lock hole. The press mould use high pressure spring and free oil bushing, then it can work well . adopt 3D design can punch the max 225x32mm holes for lock in...

Product Details

Screws Hole Tooling For Aluminium Door is designed for punching the mitre holes for Aluminium profiles. the tooling is design with pin protectors, so that the knives punch down directly to the profiles operation. meanwhile,we use SKH51 knives to make sure the tooling can work longer time for our customers. With such design, the punching knives willnot deform, and punch away from the profiles' musle. the holes punching just takes your one or two seconds, very accurate, and so fast for customers' working. Believe that more and more customers will like such tooling to instead of milling or drilling machine.

Details about the lock hole punching tooling:


comparations between us and other supplier:

1) for this tooling, other tooling's knives will deform and punch away from the profiles' musle, but ours can punch through the musle easily

2) the other supplier's tooling supports just last for 3 years, then broken, but ours will last 5-7 years

3) our tooling punch speed is 1-2 seconds, but others will be much slower than ours

4)our tooling no need to oil during use, but others bushing is common ones in the market, need to oil so that the tooling is diry, and make the profiles so much oil.


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