Tool for Aluminium Punching Weep

Tool For Aluminium Punching Weep is often to be used for punch weeps for aluminium window and doors, and it can punch weeps for 3 trails ,4trails and 5 trails, several weep holes can be punched once time, and the speed is much faster than the milling machines.more and more customers would like to used weep punching tooling to instead of milling machine, can help them to rise work effect and work results
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Specification about Tool For Aluminium Punching Weep


Tool For Aluminium Punching Weep


It   is often used to punch weep  holes for windows and doors


3D   design by UG software, you can supply us CAD, Solidworks, IGS drawings and   PDF drawings with profile samples






15days   after down payment arrives


punch   tool for aluminium install is specially for punching screw holes, connector   holes, install holes without deform, furs, also faster than other tooling.


1)        1) we would like to make 3D design for our customers about the tooling, and it can help our customers to understand how we make the tooling,also such design can make sure our tool is more precise than others, we are the only one manuafacture who can do 3D design for customers in china.


2) we use 25mm precise grinding plates for our tool, to make sure the punching tool can bear enough punch power, also it help us to make sure the tool stable during work. The grinding plates also make sure the tool work steadily.


3)4pieces guide pillars with 4springs to make sure the tool working stable,it can make sure the tooling work very stablely , also can bear much pressing during work. we use 30mm guide pillars for our tooling, the others most used 25mm ones


4)our punch tool for aluminium weeps can do much better work then the other suppliers, also the speed is faster. One large lock hole just need once punching or twice, no deform , no furs. It can save much producing time for window and door manufactures.

5) our punch tool with special design, and it is easy for operation, less maintain. When you need to change old or broken parts, just take them down, install new ones onto the tool. No need to wait for factory or someone to help you.


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Factory induction:

Shenzhen P-luck machinery technology co,. ltd has more than 8 years history for window and door machinery, specially for punching tooling and punching machine. We win lots of customers with high quality and good precision. P-luck Machine is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production, research and development and sales of plastic steel door and window processing equipment ,top grade aluminum alloy door and window equipment .The working staff in the corporation is of high level intelligence and high technique. For punching mold, we adopt 3D design to make sure our products in high precision, so that our customers can produce high quality and precise window and door






The engineer is available to travel aboard, help the installation, maintenance and training staff.


By offering this support, we make sure the customer start the business smoothly, to realize win-win cooperation.


We always looking for long term cooperation, not one time deal.



If you have interest to set up window production line as your new business,

Or you have any questions about window machine,


P-luck team is here, ready for support. press "send", let's start !!!