Aluminium Arc Bending Machine For Windows

Aluminium Arc Bending Machine For Windows

Features 1. equip with double driving wheels 2. equip with ore-bending devices. 3. can work in clock wise and counter clock wise direction 4. also can bend flat steel, square tube and rectangular tube after replacement of driving wheel FAQ: Q:What's the usually delivery terms? A:FOB, CNF,...

Product Details

Design Characteristics

  • Numerically control, roll forming by one time.

  • Touch screen support visual input, edit, save 500 sets data.

  • Support man-machine dialog, fault self disgnosis, operation error intelligent judgment.

  • Movable operation table.

  • 4 axis are drove by hydraulic motor and reducer.

  • Machine frame integral quenching eliminate stress, never deformation.

  • The axis through special hardening treatment and grinding.

  • Standard hardening mould, can bend flat steel, square steel, angle steel, etc.

  • Bidirectional hydraulic side guide.

  • Vertical or horzontal discharge according to working enviroment.

Optional Special Device

  • Feeding roll table

  • Hydraulic support system

  • Different size pipe and mould

  • CNC automatic operation system

  • PLC Control system

Technical Parameters

  4 Axis Roller Aluminum Tube Profile Section Rolling Bending MachineTechnical.png


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